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How to Own Your Own Lawn Care Business for Pennies on the Dollar


Start, Operate, and SUCCEED in your own Small Home Business

We offer 3 Levels of Courses

Quick Udemy Courses  –  FAST-START Courses  –  The Professional Master Courses



How our Master Courses work:

  • New Student registers for the course of their course and makes the listed down payment through PayPal. We will assist you in setting up a free PayPal account if needed.  You will need either a credit card or a pre-paid debit card you can load funds onto. Payments are automatically made from your PayPal account monthly.
  • If Student falls into a qualifying category, they will immediately qualify, and receive the 1/2 price Tuition Grant.
  • The student learns to develop their business plan, set up, and operating their home business.
  • They are entitled to 3 months email support for operating their business, included in their tuition. Their 3 months support starts after they have successfully completed their courses, and passed their final exam.

We Understand Your Current Situation, and We Want to Help

It’s difficult for individuals to get a job today because the world economy has declined to such a state that competition for decent paying jobs is at an all-time high.  In general, the world’s society is prejudiced toward many individuals, especially the low income, under-educated, and ex-offenders.  There are just too many people that do meet their requirements applying for a smaller number of jobs.

So what’s a person to do in light of these realities?  It’s no wonder ex-offenders are returning to prisons at an alarming rate. Are all these people just bad? The answer is no. But it’s common for them and all other individuals that can’t get a job to become frustrated, often feeling hopeless and even giving up on life.

And when they do secure work, it’s usually very low paying jobs where they can’t afford to live a decent existence.  And it’s not uncommon for low paying jobs to have a high turnover of employees because of the terrible working conditions. These companies expect a lot, yet it’s common for them to treat their employees like second rate citizens.

So what is the answer? Then “FIRE YOUR BOSS,” or if you can’t even get a job, then ‘Create Your Own Employment, WITHOUT  a Boss!”  Let Brentwood Institute Teach Your How

IMPORTANT: These innovative courses are designed to teach, and offer initial support for individuals to learn to set up and operate a small home business.  Since each Student has varying abilities, talents, local opportunities, and resources, Brentwood Institute or none of their personnel are making any guarantees, warranties, earning projection, of any kind. We cannot guarantee any Students business or financial success, or that they will earn any income whatsoever. We do our utmost to assist and guide Students as aspiring Entrepreneurs to learn the basics to what is required to start their new business.

Brentwood Institute has the answer to solving this dilemma!

  • Take special Brentwood Institute “Real World Start Your Own Business” Courses
  • “Earn While You Learn,” with our Master Courses
  • Qualifying low income, under-educated (No HS Diploma), or ex-offenders can qualify for our easy “INSTANT” 1/2 Tuition Grants.*
  • No qualifying, no interest “INSTANT” Student Loans
  • LOW Down Payment (Just 1st month’s Tuition)
  • Low monthly payments
  • Home Study at your own pace. No class room attendance.
  • All Quizzes and Final Exam are OPEN BOOK.

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SPECIAL 1/2 Price Tuition Grants For Low Income and Under Educated Individual, & Ex-Offenders

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