Mission Statement

Brentwood Institute serves aspiring entrepreneurs, and new students, offering home business courses synergistically combining online training, with real world application. Our primary focus is on low-income, underprivileged, under-educated, or ex-offenders not having access to qualified small business training through the formal conventional educational system.  Master Course students start a home business, following their new business plan, and learn to start operating it legally and efficiently, resulting in a Diploma. Thus, they have accomplished the first stage of their new personal business enterprise with the guidance, and support of Brentwood Institute.

  • No High School Diploma is required. Only the ability to read and write American English at a minimum 7th grade level.
  • No credit check, or background check required to enroll.
  • We offer (0) interest, NO QUALIFYING Tuition Financing.
  • You have up to one (1) year time limit to complete Levels 1& 2 courses (from date of enrollment), and two (2) years for Master Courses, as long as tuition is no more than 30 days in arrears.

(Note: Diploma’s, Certificates of Completion, or any form of Student Services are not provided Student after 30 days in arrears until all tuition is brought current or paid in full, even if student has completed all studies.”