Course Format

Brentwood Institute Specializes in providing vocational type courses for all people, especially the:

  • Under educated
  • Intelligent individuals that haven’t learned to read
  • Low Income
  • Ex-offenders
  • Homeless
  • Single low-income parents

NOTE: Brentwood Institute recognizes that people learn in different ways. There are individuals having access to a computer, that can’t read. We have developed a version of some of our courses that only utilize video and audio lectures for teaching. This allows them to learn by seeing, and hearing, and equipping them to take on certain jobs, for example like lawn care, and other income opportunities.

At times, to operate their business, they will likely need someone to write out receipts and a few other minor things. But most people do have access to someone who can read and write for the minimal help they will need to run their business.