Brentwood Institute’s Honor Roll

Zack Dupree

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  • Valedictorian
  • Dean’s List

Valedictorian – Brentwood Institute’s Highest Honor

Brentwood Institute believes in their Students, and their right to be placed on the institute’s Honor roll if they reach a superior passing grade in their studies upon Graduation. We don’t encourage competition between our Student, but for them to strive for excellence in their studies. 

Being a Distance Learning institution, we don’t offer the our Students a physical graduation. But there is no reason Student’s reaching the highest academic achievement can’t be recognized for their diligent and excellent work.

We request a Valedictorian Student to email us a suitable picture for posting on our Honor Students page, and permit the Student’s to purchase a Student Ring (not included in Tuition) with Valedictorian on their school ring.

This process of multiple Valedictorian’s in each class focuses the Student’s motivation towards success, rather than competing with other Students.  This think and policy acceptance isn’t new.

There are schools around the world that have adopted this contemporary viewpoint for Academic Excellence.  One Ohio school district class composed of three High Schools, in May 2015, had a total of 222 graduates being awarded the same title: Valedictorian.

Every student reaching the minimum academic requirements set by their school is deemed a valedictorian. Traditionalists argue that this system degrades the distinction. Maybe so, but the merits of this approach are far greater. We feel that creating a system that promotes personal achievement over unhealthy competition, and that rewards hard-working students without hindering anyone’s ability to succeed is of far greater value to our Students and society in general.

It is common for the following academic honors to recognize multiple students in the same school year including Honor Rolls, National Honor Society, and even Dean’s lists, to name a few. Academia knows that promote excellence in this way.

They feel, along with the staff of Brentwood Institute, that this recognition of academic achievement doesn’t diminish the recognition of one. The goal of any educational program should be to push students to reach their fullest academic potential, and it is our policy to do just that.


Dean’s List

The Brentwood Institute Dean’s List is a category of students who achieve a minimum of an “A-“ grade Average during their time in their academic studies through their Final Exam. As you can see a grade of 60 is a D-, but still a passing grade.

If a Student earns a score of 59 or less, he/she must take and pass another Final Exam in 30 day or more before they can receive their Diploma, or Certificate of Completion. This scoring system applies to all there course categories. There is a $50 Retest Fee for each Final Exam.

See chart to the right for Grade Scoring Breakdown