See HOW Our Courses Are Structured – 21st Century Community Support Design

The are countless courses online today. Many are good. But MOST are boring, and have a low completion rate.  The Students aren’t lazy. They still desire to learn. BUT, the have minimal time, wanting courses that encourage, offer reap “People Support,” and many, quick-to-the-point videos, with minimal reading. They want, and even NEED to learn FAST.

Course Format

Brentwood Institute Specializes in providing vocational type courses for all people, especially the:

  • Under educated
  • Intelligent individuals that haven’t learned to read
  • Low Income
  • Ex-offenders
  • Homeless
  • Single low-income parents

NOTE: Brentwood Institute recognizes that people learn in different ways. There are individuals having access to a computer, that can’t read. We have developed a version of some of our courses that only utilize video and audio lectures for teaching. This allows them to learn by seeing, and hearing, and equipping them to take on certain jobs, for example like lawn care, and other income opportunities.

At times, to operate their business, they will likely need someone to write out receipts and a few other minor things. But most people do have access to someone who can read and write for the minimal help they will need to run their business.

Welcome to Brentwood Institu Save & Exit te’s 21st Century Personal Learning Experience

Below is a simple outline showing the Student BENEFITS designed to help YOU complete your course.

  • All Students are assigned a Personal Instructor, available by email AND Chat during certain hours listed in the course.
  • Each Course has a Forum Department for meeting, and associating with other students taking the same course as you.
  • Courses are presented at a 7th Grade reading level (like the Wall Street Journal) to reach a broader base of Students.
  • All course materials, Downloadable Books, Downloadable Videos, Exams, Private Forum, and Student Store Discounts, are included in course tuition. No hidden cost.
  • Student loan. No qualify. No credit checks. No interest.  Low Down Payments. Low Monthly Payments.
  • You automatically belong to the class Year you Graduate in.  You receive a beautiful printed Diploma (Mailed to your address) from completing Professional Courses.Class Rings for your graduating year are available for purchase from our Student Store (NOT included free in your course tuition) – Click her for Ring Information.
  • Each Chapter includes Video(s), Text Materials, and “Lesson Main Points” at end.
  • Periodic Open Book Exams, instantly graded upon completion.
  • Final Open Book Exam, and Diploma Issued.
  • Courses regularly updated as required.
  • Easy to understand. Every effort has been made to keep thinks as non-technical as possible.
  • Courses can be completed online, or all materials including videos, workbooks, Lesson Main points are downloadable so you don’t need to be connected to the Internet. Only Exams are required to be completed online.
  • Honor Student Program – Click Here for Details