Important – Please read this entire page, and especially the disclosure at the bottom

  • Mission StatementBrentwood Institute serves aspiring entrepreneurs, and new students, offering home business courses synergistically combining online training, with real world application. Our primary focus is on low-income, underprivileged, under-educated, or ex-offenders not having access to qualified small business training through the formal conventional educational system.  Master Course students start a home business, following their new business plan, and learn to start operating it legally and efficiently, resulting in a Diploma. Thus, they have accomplished the first stage of their new personal business enterprise with the guidance, and support of Brentwood Institute.

Important: Brentwood Institute Courses are unique in the aspect they are NOT just typical textbook classroom type courses.  They are unique in that they are designed to educate the student as to the working techniques, strategies, tactics, and especially the realities of the business world. Master Courses actually engage the Student’s talents, new education learned ethics, and drive to personally immerse themselves in various projects, like starting and learning to operate their own home business.

We teach, and show you “HOW” to start your business for pennies on the dollar, often by buying used equipment on (and other sources),

Generally speaking, Accredited colleges, even vocational schools, don’t assist and support the student in starting their own business. Brentwood Institute is NOT accredited by the typical school system because we don’t intend on being regulated by their institutions, and organizations.

We encourage potential Students to consider their goals and motivations.  If it’s a standard job you want and a college degree, we do not recommend you take our courses. If you desire to receive real-world training, and knowledge, with ongoing business counseling, and support you desire, then, by all means, enroll as an Aspiring Entrepreneur, and a typical student making up the masses of people seeking jobs.

You’ve likely heard that there is a huge number of college graduates seeking too few jobs, and many graduates are slinging burgers, or doing other low paying jobs because they can’t find suitable work. And it’s common knowledge that many college professors have never started or run an actual business.

They just teach what they learned in college, and NOT from real world experience.  Would you rather learn from one who has “Been there, done that,” or a theorist that has a fancy title but never really accomplished anything? You be the judge. All our courses are created, and taught by experienced Entrepreneurs!

We are not criticizing conventional accredited schools. We are just suggesting there is another way to approach business education.  Especially for those that can’t qualify or afford to enter college. And those looking for a possible shortcut to entrepreneurial success.

We offer Student Grants ONLY for Master Courses (Advanced Level Three (3) Courses)

All courses include brief Open Book Quiz’s, and/or Exams taken at home, online, over the Internet with the Student’s computer.  When a student completes a course, they are awarded either a “Certificate of Completion” for UDEMY Entry Level 1 Courses, and Standard Level 2 Courses, and a Diploma for Level 3 Master Courses.

About UDEMY:
Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 45,000 courses taught by expert instructors.

UDEMY is the world’s largest source for quality courses offered by independent schools and online instructors.  The majority of Brentwood Institute’s (BI) UDEMY courses were written, and created by BI Instructors, but we utilize their Platform for distribution because of their immense size and to the world’s biggest student base covering over 100 countries.  Most Courses are created and designed by Bentwood Institute Instructors. Occasionally we will utilize a course meeting our high standards, created and developed by an outside course-writer.



Our coursed are categorized in three (3) Levels

  1. Quick UDEMY Entry Level Courses (Level One Courses) – This is typically Basic starting NICHE courses designed to be a starting platform comprehensively covering the subject, enabling the student to complete it in a minimal amount of time.
    • They generally include
      • training videos
      • worksheets
      • quiz’s
      • occasionally video lectures.
      • A Certificate of Completion (emailed – printed on Student’s printer) after final exam is passed (Open Book)
  2. FAST-START Courses (Level 2 Courses) – These offer more extensive training than UDEMY Entry Level Courses.  They will cover either a specific subject, (Example: Aeroponics), or a specialized Niche business subject (Example: Email Marketing), with emphasis on personal
    • They may include any of the following combination:
      • training videos
      • Support pages
      • eBooks
      • Audio files
  3. Professional Master Courses (Level 3 Courses) – These are major courses for serious individuals ready to commit to more than just a course, but a complete program.  Many courses will guide the Student in starting their own home business, positioning them to possibly “earn while they learn.”  We will guide you step-by-step through your business start-up process, and be available (by email) for ongoing support.
  4. This is REAL WORLD hands-on training and support. (Example: “How to Start a Pallet Home Furniture Business – Utilizing FREE pallets”). These courses are allotted up to 18 months for completion, and upon graduation, the student receives up to 10 hours telephone business consulting, and three (3) months email technical consulting support with their instructor.

Professional Master Courses offer qualifying students a “John Willie Partee 1/2 Price Student Grant.”  ALL Level 3 courses offer low down payment, and automatic qualifying, with low “NO INTEREST” monthly payments.  No credit checks and grant qualifying are automatic.

  1. They generally include
    • training videos
    • worksheets
    • quiz’s
    • video lectures
    • Some utilize Major home projects to be completed, like starting your own home business
    • A Diploma – Mailed to you by the School after your (open book) final exam is passed with a minimum of 70% passing score

DISCLOSURE: Brentwood Institute is NOT a formally Accredited School or College. We do NOT make any claims, warranties, or guarantees, that a student will earn any specific amount of income, or that they are guaranteed to succeed in the business world. 

We offer business training and specialized guidance, but a Student must understand that the majority of companies fail in the first few years of business. 

We want to make it perfectly clear that our training is designed to give the graduate the best opportunity to either advance their existing business or start and learn to operate their own home or local small business. We believe the Students chances of success are increased dramatically, through our training and support.

We will deliver what we promise, quality business training, but it up to the Student to utilize this newly acquired knowledge properly. The Student, the aspiring entrepreneur, may experience many challenges, disappointments, and at times setbacks, caused by countless reasons, and economic conditions beyond their control.

It takes proper education, guidance, application, drive, resources, and tenacity to succeed in the business world today. The Student was informed of this before starting their Professional Master course and has elected to advance with the program with their eyes wide-open to these many realities.

We believe in our Students, and hope they will apply themselves to the full, following through with their business endeavors, commitments, reaching their desired income goals, and desired level of success.