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John Willie Partee Student Grant

Check below to determine if you qualify for the

Professional Master Course Grant

Brentwood Institute is dedicated to serving low income, under educated individuals, and Ex-Offenders, helping improve their life through better education, and income education support.  We offer a 1/2 off (50%) Grant to those that meet the income or other listed guidelines.  Review the chart, and information below to determine if you fall into one of the following categories. Qualifying is INSTANT upon Enrollment for those meeting the qualifying guidelines.



Use the following chart to determine your income eligibility for a 1/2 price Grant

United States Grant Qualifying Guidelines Chart

Foreign Countries Please email us for qualifying guidelines

If your income is at or below the following chart, you Automatically Qualify for the 1/2 price Tuition Grant.

Ex-offenders, and Under-educated (not graduating High School) Automatically Qualify regardless of income

If your income exceeds those on the following chart, and you believe you have special circumstances that may qualify you for a Grant, email us with your phone number and we will call you to discuss this possibility.

Occasionally, Brentwood Institute offers major Tuition Discount Specials to ALL individuals not meeting Grant Qualifying Guidelines  –

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